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  • All rooms dimensions are measured for structural elements and exclude wall finished and construction tolerances.
  • All dimensions have been provided by our consultant architects.
  • All materials dimensions and drawings are approximate.
  • Information is subject to change without notice.
  • An actual flat area may vary from stated area drawings not to scale.
  • The developer reserves the right to make a revision.
  • Calculation of the flat area/balcony area is measured as the area bounded ex the center one of the demising or partition wall separating one unit from another unit, the exterior face of the exterior wall, and the exterior or face of the corridor wall enclosing the adjoining unit.
  • The unit is measured on a typical floor in the building, columns may vary in size depending on the floor level.
  • This brochure does not constitute a legally binding offer.
  • Soft furnishings, furniture, gadgets are not part of the offering.
  • The project can be mortgaged at any point or the on the sole desecration of the company.
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